91% top brands on app stores

Distimo, the mobile analytics firm, has published a new report.

It says that states that 91 out of the top 100 worldwide brands now have their presence in one of the major mobile app stores and most of them have their presence in Appleā€™s iTunes. This is a massive improvement from 18 months ago when the percentage was 51%.

The top brands here are those contained in the Interbrand 2011 Best Brands Report and include names like BMW, Coca Cola, Disney and IBM.

The average number of apps published stands at an impressive 24. However, the number has been pushed up by the massive output of firms like Disney at 636 and Sony at 285. It seems that the primary driver for this app publishing activity is branding because only 27% of the total apps are paid apps.

iTunes has 86% brands, followed by 66% on iPad, 59% on Android, 26% on App World and 9% on Ovi.

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