90% of new Everything Everywhere subscribers are choosing smartphones

Everything Everywhere, the firm which runs the T-Mobile and Orange networks, just announced its quarterly financial results.

The latest quarterly financial results showed 151,000 new contract customers.

The service revenue for Everything Everywhere for the quarter was £1.5 billion pounds. This is 2.5% down when cuts in termination rates are included. Otherwise the results of the last quarter look quite encouraging for Everything Everywhere.

One piece of information in the quarterly financial results that doesn’t come as a surprise is the amount of action that is happening in the smartphone space. Thanks to smartphones Everything Everywhere managed to drive its revenue in non-messaging data service. This portion of the revenue went up from 17% average revenue per user to 27%. Everything Everywhere now has 71% of its postpaid subscribers owning a high end smartphone.

For Everything Everywhere, the overall revenue contribution of non voice services including messaging and data combined is now 45.5% of average revenue per user.

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