76% mobile web consumers leave websites not optimized for mobile devices

Mobile web has caught on well.

And thanks to the modern smartphones browsing websites on mobile devices has become a rather convenient experience. 95% of all consumers that use web on their mobile devices are said to be generally satisfied with their experience.

The Netbiscuits People’s Web Report reveals that the most predominant activity on mobile web is online search. 90% consumers spend time on this every day.

The objective of the report is to help businesses and brands optimize their relationships with their customers. The report gives businesses and brands a better understanding of what mobile web customers expect and what they want.

Daniel Weisbeck, CMO Netbiscuits, said that mobile web is one of the most disruptive technologies to have hit us till date. The uptake of its use has been phenomenal. There were rumours of dissatisfaction about quality of experience from mobile web consumers and this is what prompted the research.

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