72% mobile consumers use mobile Internet daily

MEF, the mobile content researching company has come up with the results of its global consumer survey or GCS.

This survey monitors the banking and financial and m-commerce usage of mobile consumers.

As per the report received from the survey, mobile Internet has now become increasingly popular and 72% of mobile consumers use it on a daily basis. As a result, 18% of mobile consumers completely leave the fixed line connection option unused.

Banking through mobile Internet seems to be a popular option as the report states that 57% of all consumers use mobile Internet to check their account balance, information on funds transfers. 10% users have used mobile Internet to pay their bills also.

82% users use mobile Internet to research and purchase physical and digital products.

However, the biggest reason why some consumers don’t use mobile Internet for financial transactions is due to security fears. 27% said that they are likely to purchase if security fears were addressed.

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