72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute

This bit of information came from the YouTube blog while the video streaming service celebrated its 7 years of existence.

Well, given the volume of the website and the number of people who access it, it sure seems to be there for an eternity.

To put things in perspective, 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute is equivalent to 61 royal wedding ceremonies, 1,194 Nyan cats and 841 bad romances.

The y-on-y subscriptions rose by 50%, up from 48 hours of upload per minute. YouTube now has more than 800 million users, more than 3 billion hours of videos being watched a month and millions of channels.

It has been reported that YouTube is the world’s most popular mobile streaming platform now in addition to being the most popular video site. It is now getting into a new movie studio partnership that will expand its user base for film rentals.

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