600 million will use mobile coupons by 2016

Juniper Research in its new report says that Western European and North American markets will drive the embryonic mobile coupon space.

The report says that the 8% redemption rate is akin to 8 times the rate achieved by the best of paper coupons campaigns. This is because mobile is bridging the gap between online and physical retailing and using individual offers to target customers.

The mobile boom is expected to push the coupon market to over $43bn by 2016. However, experimentation in the beginning could result in slight decrease.

Interest is huge in this sector and most of it is around the many upcoming NFC contactless wallet schemes. These include Google Wallet, the upcoming UK operator scheme and Isis, the US operator project.

Users will be signing up to multiple coupon schemes in future and decide on their favorite. So mobile marketing agencies have to get it right, right now.

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