59% people don’t worry about leftover data when recycling their phones

Although people store more and more personal data in their mobile phones these days many are actually far cry from worrying about that data ending up in the hands of strangers.

Smartphone defense specialist BlackBelt and YouGov jointly conducted a survey of 2,071 people in the UK and found that 41% of them either recycled their phones or sold their phones to someone outside their family or part exchanged their phones. 25% knowingly owned a refurbished or second hand device.

32% of these 25% found data belonging to the previous owner. 59% of the respondents said they were not worried about data being left on their sold phones, clearly suggesting lack of awareness or acknowledgement of the risks.

26% respondents feel that only manual wiping can remove all data while only 37% thought about factory reset. And only half the respondents took out time to remove all data from their phones.

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