53% women have between one and five shopping apps

As per a survey conducted on 1,000 smartphone owning US female shoppers 53% have between one and five shopping apps in their smartphones.

This survey was conducted by Swirl, a mobile marketing platform provider. The survey did also say though that 76% women still prefer shopping for shoes and clothes from brick and mortar stores.

Brands and retailers could look at this data and work on in-store mobile offerings and not just concentrate on devices.

The biggest pet hate for in-store shopping is crowds, accounting for 84%. 70% women have their pet hate in traveling and parking and 45% of pet hate goes toward interactions with sales assistants.

Women love targeted deals and half the women surveyed said that they are ok to share their phone location and other data for gifts, advanced alerts, store credits and sales promos.  While only 33% women prefer getting to know about deals from store assistants 58% prefer reminders through smartphones.

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