5000% growth in 2012 will let WinPho turn Symbian around

The new IDC data said that smartphone shipments grew by 41% to 144.6 million Y-on-Y between QI of 2011 and QI of 2012.

But among OEMs only Sony and Samsung managed to grow in demand in QIV. RIM had a 20% decline in QIV.

Nokia has a mountain to climb as the sales of its Symbian powered phones dropped by 40%. As per ABI Senior Analyst Michael Morgan, Nokia will need to achieve a 5000% growth in 2012 in the Windows Phone business because this will just allow them to offset the decline that it has seen in the Symbian sales.

The smartphone penetration in Western Europe and North America is set to touch 50% and IDC thinks that growing regions like China should be focused on. China is the world’s largest smartphone market with an 80% growth in shipment.

Apple and Samsung made 90% of all smartphone sales profits with 55% market share.

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