50% plus under 16s have only used camera phones for clicking photos

www.MyMemory.com, the photo book website claims that 52% of kids under the age of 16 have only ever used the camera on their mobile phone to click digital photos.

Just 26% parents confirmed that their kids have used digital cameras and only 20% said that they are the owners of both digital cameras and camera phones. This shows the massive impact camera phones have had on the new generation.

88% of kids have had no experience of analog photography. This doesn’t come as a surprise because only 8% parents use these traditional cameras.

31% use camera phones as the primary means of photo capture, 53% claim their mobile clicks the same quality photos as digital cameras and 75% said they miss using films.

Rebecca Huggler, co-founder of MyMemory.com said that they were surprised by the impact of camera phones. But it is all probably due to the popularity and cost effectiveness of camera phones.

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