50% of North American data usage on YouTube and Netflix

Most data usage today is on entertainment overhauling file sharing that ruled data usage 11 years ago, reports Sandvine.

Research from Sandvine took into account data usage from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and North and South America.

The report reveals that video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix account for more than 50% of all downstream traffic on fixed networks in North America.

Netflix also has 20% of the share in the UK and achieved this milestone in half the time it took them in the USA.

There has been a drastic fall in P2P file sharing because now there are many more other interesting things to do on the internet. In North America the share of P2P has fallen below 10% for the first time.

The emerging market is Africa where video has less than 6% share in mobile traffic but is expected to grow faster than all other regions.

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