5% off in LA eatery if you don’t use your mobile phone

About a third of all people tend to talk on their phone when they are having dinner in a restaurant, a time that should be spent in the company of their companion and the sumptuous food spread in front of them.

Mark Gold, owner and chef of Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles has had an amazing announcement done through KPCC Radio. Customers that hand over their mobile phones at the door will get a 5% discount. The aim is to provide a more civilized eating experience and about 50% visitors have opted for the deal.

As per Mr. Gold, it is not that the restaurant is looking at reducing disturbances for the other guests but is more about creating a homely environment where people can connect with each other over food.

This is something different from Chiquito and PizzaExpress that look to engage their customers with AR games and videos.

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