5 Million free iPhone Games downloaded

Over 5 million games have been downloaded in the last four weeks by iPhone users.

This data has been revealed by Aurora Feint, a US-based iPhone social games firm. The iPhone gaming community had started a new promotional event known as the Free Game of the Day.

The huge number of downloads does not come as a surprise owing to the immense popularity of free games available on the iPhone. The data, however, indicates that the OpenFeint community has made a strong fan following to experience 5 million downloads.

The next step taken by Aurora Feint will be the launch of a new website dedicated to free games called Free Game of the Day.

Reports by VentureBeat show that the game title Origin8 was downloaded over 160,000 times in one day. This is a golden opportunity for iPhone game developers to rake up huge amounts of moolah.

The free games are being used to persuade players to become loyal customers of the paid games by the developer.

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