4S helps Apple close the gap on Android

Negative comments and poor sales predictions from analysts, bloggers and fans had flooded in when iPhone 4S was launched.

But sales figures are now in their millions and China has been rioting to buy the device.

As per Nielsen, Apple has closed the gap on Android in the US since the 4S was launched on October 14. New users in October were at 25.1% and the figures rose to 38.8% in November and 44.5% in December. This also meant that Android declined by 61.6% in October and 46.9% in December.

As per the Nielsen report, 57% of iPhone buyers in December chose the 4S. Android is still the #1 choice with 46.3% of total smartphone users in December. iOS follows at 30% and RIM at 14.9%. Q4 of 2011 saw 46% of mobile users using a smartphone and 60% of new mobile phone buyers chose a smartphone instead of a feature phone.

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