$4 billion Google offer returned by Snapchat

Even though some feel that the company is being stupid or arrogant but many feel that Snapchat is doing exactly what it should be doing and they know what it is doing.

Snapchat has been receiving offers in the range of billions but they have been rejecting these offers as if they are mere annoyances. Facebook first came up with its offer of $3 billion and was swatted away like a fly. Google then came up with the picture with a $4 billion carrot being stuck in front of Snapchat’s nose. But the company apparently is not fond of carrots.

Apparently Snapchat is waiting patiently to see its photo sharing platform become more popular and its goal is to have more photos shared than Facebook.

The project is ambitious but it is for certain that were this to happen Snapchat will receive offers that are much more than what are coming at the moment.

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