4.4% of global ad spend in 2017 will be due to mobiles

Berg Insight has new data that says that the global advertising market and mobile marketing will sharply rise from the €3.8 billion of 2011 by a CAGR of 31% to €19.7 billion in 2017.

This means that for all media mobile will account for 4.4% of the total global ad spend in the next five years. This figure will be equal to 15.5% of the total online ad spend.

As per Rickard Andersson, Telecom Analyst, Berg Insight, consumers are currently spending a quarter of their time for media consumption on mobile devices. However, this channel only contributes to just more than 1% of the total ad spend.

Thanks to new creative ad units for mobiles and unique targeting possibilities there will be a significant upward movement in mobile ad spends. In the medium term future the spending will be considerably more and offer more to advertisers in terms on RoI.

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