38% of 0 to 8 year olds have used tablets or smartphones

The sight of children playing in the streets should fade away pretty fast given the fact that today’s youngsters prefer digital alternatives like laptops, PCs and consoles and tablets .

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Almost 25% parents have given a smartphone, iPod or iPad to their kid to keep them busy while they are themselves busy doing their daily chores.

At 77%, gaming is the most popular activity as far as tablets are concerned. 57% kids complete their educational tasks on their tablet while 55% kids use their tablet for entertainment while they are traveling. The least common activity is communication with family and friends at 15%.

What comes out as very interesting is that 77% parents think that tablets are beneficial for their kids. These parents think that tablets help bring out creativity in their kids.

Here’s surprise for you – 10% kids below the age of 1 have used a tablet. is the UK’s leading mobile bingo portal.


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