30% y-on-y increases in daily app downloads

There was a minor 2% increase in app download as per the competitive index of the Fiksu app store.

Compared to 5.6 million daily downloads in October there were 5.7 million daily downloads in November.

The growth in November compared to October maybe insignificant but when compared to the same period last year the growth is a staggering 30%. However, the uptick in downloads was not really that much because the price drop in October 2013 wasn’t as much as it was in October 2012.

The cost per loyal user index also saw an increase of 16% – $1.79 in November compared to $1.63 in October. A loyal user is someone that opens an app three times or more. With rising market prices Fiksu expects this figure to touch $1.80.

The expected numbers in December are between 6.6 and 7.4 daily downloads, driven by the new devices being opened up.

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