23% football fans are catching Euro 2012 on their mobile phones

Euro 2012 is in full flow and O2 Media has observed the connection between users and their smartphones.

79% of all footy fans have admitted that they prefer their mobiles for staying updated on all the football gossip around.

91% footy fans have planned to use their mobiles to stay in touch with the tournament and 78% fans admitted that they use their smartphones multiple times a day.

88% fans will check results and scores on their mobiles while 79% plan to read the latest news on Euro 2012. 41% fans use their smartphones for watching match highlights and 38% expect that they will place a wager through their smartphone.

23% said that they will watch matches live on their smartphone with males more prone to watching matches during work hours.

73% said that they are going to send messages during matches and 59% are going to use FB and Twitter to express their thoughts.

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