200 billionth mobile ad for AdMob

AdMob, the mobile advertising network has taken just nine months since serving its 100 billionth ad to serve its 200 billionth.

If calculated, it comes to about 370 million ads a day.

AdMob, in its blog post has posted that the past nine months have seen the launch of its website in nine new languages, upgrade of its service and release of several ad units for Android and iPhone. AdMob also relaunched its AdWhirl service and has grown this division to more than 160 people. It has also announced the acquisition by Google.

The Google acquisition, however, is pending because FTC is investigating the deal on competitive grounds.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt clarified during the annual shareholders’ meeting that the company did not expect to pay a kill fee of $700 million if the deal was blocked because he was confident of the deal going through. This news was as per the Wall Street Journal.

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