20% of GAME web traffic is generated by mobiles

GAME has 800,000 weekly visitors and 20% of this traffic is generated by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Last year GAME announced plans to start BT broadband in all its stores in the UK. GAME also planned mass play for the mobile market with a new in-store engagement scheme.

An app was launched for users to download in-store items for free through QR code and for providing product reviews, deals, news, videos and much more.

GAME saw great success through mobile and online retail.  When the company made a major shift in redesign from high street to website its 12 million loyalty reward card holders were kept engaged through these channels.

Now GAME has joined IBM to utilize its SmartCloud application and this partnership is expected to gain more loyal customers in the market that is expected to be worth $83 billion by 2016. This move should help in marketing and better customer service.
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