19% drop in BlackBerry development skill

Elance, the online employment service is used by 2.8 million freelancers and 800,000 global businesses.

The company recently found a 19% drop in the number of UK companies seeking BlackBerry experienced developers between H1 2012 and H1 2013.

The launch of BlackBerry 10 in January 2013 seemingly failed to secure renewed business interest in its platform and the firm had a $1 billion loss in Q2.

Fairfax has offered $4.7 billion for buyout but time will tell if BlackBerry’s focus on enterprise will encourage development.

At the same time the demand for Android developer skills rose by 40% and iOS by 21%.

UK companies are looking to develop for platforms that users trust and love and unfortunately, BlackBerry has gradually lost that place. The situation shows how important it’s for freelancers to have the right skills for the job market. In the app market technical skills have short shelf life and developers have to renew them.

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