13 third party apps unveiled by Spotify

Spotify opened its platform to developers in 2011 to take its streaming music service out to people’s digital lives.

They went beyond just linking to the service and also allowed third parties to build HTML5 apps the go deep into the core functionality of the platform.

Launched in December, the project aims to bring features such as ticket purchase, recommendations and music editorialand gig guides within the aegis of the streaming service.

Now the first cache of products from Def Jam, Domino, EMI, Matador, PIAS, Sony, Universal, Warner and X5 have been unveiled.

Some of the apps that they launched include Classify, Def Jam, Digster, Domino, Filtr, Hot or Not, Matador Records, NOW That’s What I Call Music!, [PIAS], The Complete Collection, The Legacy of Bob Dylan, Daryl Hall, John Oates and Miles Davis and Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Warner Sound and TweetVine.

It is expected that we will be seeing many more new products from Spotify soon.

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