100,000 downloads for Pebble Universe

A few months ago Pebble Universe was launched as a 99¢ premium model on iOS.

But the price tag has since been removed to enter the freemium market and it has now also launched in Google Play.

Swedish developer Itatake has certainly done well to go freemium because the collective download numbers of Pebble Monster on Android and iOS have now passed 100,000.

The first 25 levels of the game are now free to play. It is when someone wants to move upward (from level 26 onward) that the 99¢ needs to be paid.

Pebble Monsters is centered around the peaceful lives of harmonious pebbles. But their lifestyle gets attacked by soot monsters and they now need to fight back.

As for Itatake the results have far exceeded the company’s expectations. The average rating for the game on Google Play is 4.4. The developer’s are also planning many small updates in the next six months.

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