100,000 app hits milestone for BlackBerry 10

It was “on or gone” when RIM launched the BlackBerry 10 OS in January this year.

The launch was accompanied by 70,000 apps including NHL, Jetpack Joyride, Facebook and Angry Birds.

Seven weeks have now passed since the launch and the app store boasts over 100,000 apps with new additions like The Wall Street Journal, Amazon Kindle and openTable. There are others on the way and notable names include Viber, MTV News, Maxim, EBay and CNN.

COE Thorsten Heins has already called the iPhone an outdated device and he would be pleased with these developments. People have been thrilled to see the apps available and more apps are getting added to the catalog.

Top brands are joining BlackBerry 10 for being the early users of the new platform. Developers have said that the tools in the new OS are easy to build and there is app differentiation that is not available on other platforms.

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