10,000 job cuts at Sony

Sony has been in trouble for almost a decade and it famously surrendered its lead in consumer electronics markets to Apple and Samsung and others.

Now Sony has decided to cut 10,000 jobs to achieve a new ‘One Sony’ organization structure that will cost about $926 million.

The aim of Sony is to harmonize activities mobile, digital imaging and gaming. Falling TV sales will also be supported. The other plans are to expand into the emerging markets and back startups and generate other new ideas.

New focus will be on medical technology, an area of rapid following in the mobile space.

Sony already faced a $6.4 billion loss this fiscal year and has a huge mountain to climb to be profitable again. This won’t be easy with the fierce competition in each of its markets.

One Sony is expected to bring total sales of $104 billion by 2014 with 70% coming in through mobiles, imaging and games.

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