10 minutes to charge a mobile phone battery

It takes about 90 minutes for a mobile phone battery to get recharged completely.

DoCoMo has now come up with a new technology. It will use a connection to send charge to a mobile phone, making an enhancement to 5.5 amps from the current 0.55 amps.

This means that instead of the 90 minutes, the phone battery will now get fully charged in 10 minutes or so.

As per DoCoMo the usual process of charging by connecting to the USB slot will not work when using this new technology. This is because the power supply is 10 times more advanced.

This comes as great news, especially for those that have too busy a schedule to charge their phones properly while their phone usage is high.

It is expected that many users will start using this new technology to charge their phone battery. But DoCoMo has not been able to announce a release date yet.

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