10 million smartglass shipments by 2018

Juniper Research reports that smartglass shipments are expected to increase from the current estimate of 87,000 in 2013 to 10 million per year by 2018.

During this period the prices of the smartglasses are also expected to decrease, thus making them more appealing to consumers and result in a higher adoption rate.

However, critical mass can only be achieved when smartglasses become more than complementary secondary devices, like the Galaxy Gear, a ‘companion device’ to other Samsung gadgets.

Sales will be primarily driven by the consumer sector and this sector will be followed by enterprise and healthcare. The healthcare sector is expected to use first generation apps like communication and video documentation.

It is predicted that smartglasses could save up to $1 billion in certain industries. In the enterprise sector smartglasses are already in use in logistics applications and more work is being done by developers for making more attractive apps and hardware.

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