10 is the magic number for Neon Play

UK developer Neon Play scored their 10 billionth App Store download in the first month of the year.

And this number has been achieved after the company was launched about 10 months ago. Five million downloads have already happened in 2011. Neon Play also capitalized on the publicity of its game called Paper Glide as it became the 10 billionth download from Apple’s App Store.

As per CEO Oli Christie, the company would have loved to say that the 10 billionth download happened on the 10th app of the company but the fact is that Paper Glide is the 15th app. Neon Play also moved away from games for the first time and released their new app Royal Wedding.

As per Christie, Neon Play has already got into deals with consumer brands and celebrities for promoting their new apps that are scheduled for release in the later part of 2011.

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