1 million US subscribers now for Rhapsody

Rhapsody, the streaming music specialist that has been seeing limited amount of success in the past 10 years, saw its idea made more popular by Spotify, the Swedish pretender.

But Spotify’s deal with Facebook and its big splash in the US has somehow helped Rhapsody.

800,000 members were subscribed to Rhapsody in June of this year. When Rhapsody acquired Napster in October, the 1 million mark didn’t seem far. Rhapsody managed to bag the 700,000 user base of Napster.

Now Rhapsody offers unlimited music streaming at $9.99 per month where it offers more than 13 million songs. Rhapsody now claims to be serving in excess of 10 million tracks every day.

Rhapsody’s popularity has also been boosted by its partnership with Metro-PCS, the mobile carrier. Android and iOS apps have also contributed toward better user experience. With more than 60 devices now supporting the service, Rhapsody claims that mobiles contributed to 40% of its streams in 2011.

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