0.facebook.com is a free lighter version of mobile Facebook

Mobile phone users will now be able to access a lighter version of Facebook without any charge for data usage.

This version is called 0.facebook.com and has been designed with the speed in mind. It has been optimized for the mobile format and enables users all the essential functions of the current mobile version of this social networking site.

This new mobile version of Facebook will be launched in 45 countries with the exclusion of U.K. 50 mobile operators have agreed to make this version available to their customers. It is being expected that the British shores too will enjoy this mobile application soon enough.

The developers of 0.facebook.com have overcome the two major hurdles faced by mobile internet users – speed and high cost of data usage.  Both these issues take the fun out of using mobile internet on the run. However, it has been clarified that users will be charged if they leave the site for viewing photos and similar items.

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